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This is my master loot profile.

Copy/Paste Rules
In Virindi Tank Loot Editor, there are two copy and paste buttons right below the file menu.
You can use these buttons to copy rules from my profile and paste into yours, or vice versa.

My prefixes:
T: trophy
A: Armor
AT: Armor Tink or tinker related
W: Weapon
S: Salvage
  • I order my rules in the above order.
  • I add rules to the end that I consider extra and not needed for my core character set.

Version 1
master v1.1.utl
  • Level 8 comps are looted but no attack skill glyphs are picked up.
  • Epic rings are not looted (I wear colo rings)
  • I do not loot Epic Endurance on anything as all my guys wear the upgraded red colo ring.
  • The only epic skills looted are war/life/sword/healing.
  • All epic armor on lower arms/legs are looted as these are the hardest pieces to find.
  • I loot adept/wise/hearty/defender set blanks ONLY on lower arms/legs.
  • T: Trophy - is a very limited list to only things I really care about.
  • T: Quest Rewards - is setup so that my fellow can loot fellow corpses and auto loot the quest rewards.
  • T: Cloak Arcane/Tinker (in Skill) - Epic Gearcraft is not looted because I don't know the set id #.
  • Sword/2h/Mace is tight. (+17/+17 and only a few tinks off max damage)
  • UA rule is also very tight. (+20 attack/+20 def, and only a few tinks off max damage)
  • Wand rules are very tight. (Either +12/+19 or +11/+20)
  • Bow rule is the tightest. (Perfect or better bows these rules are probably too tight)
  • My weapon rules work great for finding weapons that use enchantments to reach my desired stats, however, I do not have rules in place to cover weapons that could reach those stats with two different types of enchantments, ie: Major Blood Drinker + Major Defender.
  • The weapon rules for skills I don't use (2h/mace/bow) are extremely tight so that I don't have to mule but only the best.
  • If you don't have a set of near perfect weapons already you might want to lower the target skill/def %'s and dmg #'s.

v1.1 Changes:
  • Fixed Epic Gear Craft spell triggers for tinker jewelry and tinker/wise set pieces.

The more you hunt, the tighter your profile can be. The less you hunt, the looser you need to make your profile.

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