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Mag-Enhanced Virindi Tank Classic Looter 2.11


Issue: AC Client stops working at "frequent" level when using loot profiles that include item checks for new loot tier items with "Dmg, Resist Dmg, Crit, etc"
Cause: Unknown
Operating Details: Decal 2970, Multiple clients (AC Multiclient), Vtank Bundle, MagTools 10828, Vtank CLooter 211
Other info: Occasionally the "AC Client has Stopped..." error occurs on my system but incidents are rare. With a .UTL loot profile loaded with tests for new loot attributes, I notice a high frequency of the error. Meanwhile, other clients running at the same time without a new loot tier profile operate without error.

Also, I encountered an odd issue when creating a loot profile in Classic Looter 211 yesterday where it just errored out (multiple times) trying to create a new loot tier profile.

Hope this is helpful -- and I want to add that you've created a wonderful tool! Thanks for making AC even better!!