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Mag-SuitBuilder Issues


First off I'm new to Mag-Tools and from what I'm seeing, I like it. The issues I'm having are 1) In game, if I try to export my inventory or equipped items it doesn't copy them anywhere. I'm not sure if it's supposed to automatically copy the info to a notepad/clipboard/etc. but I've found I can just manually post it to a notepad after it's copied. 2) After figuring that out I tried out the SuitBuilder, it worked fine until I canceled the ignore majors option and pressed the calculate possibilities button. And this is where I run in to my problem... The program freezes when I add about half the armor links(from one character) to the list. At first I assumed it needed a while to calculate the different possibilities. So I let it sit for an hour and when I came back, the program was froze. I've tried closing all the unnecessary applications that were running on my PC and did it again, with a smaller batch. It took a minute but it worked. I added a few more links at a time and shortly ran in to the same problem. Do you think this could be a problem with my computer? Or would it be something within the program? Also I couldn't find a way to filter certain set pieces/epics/majors(for example: Building a suit for my mage, I don't need epic heavy weapons) other than to scan through all the item info copied in to the notepad and remove pieces one by one. Even though this tool makes doing things a lot easier, starring at a notepad for an hour is just about as annoying as spending 5+ hours scanning through all chars building the perfect suit. Loving the options your tools have to play with though and will be passing the word to friends. Thank you.