Mag-Tools 2.1.5

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Released: Jan 14, 2017
Updated: Jan 14, 2017 by Mag_nus
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Release Notes

  • This adds the movement commands by Sif al Taak

  • Fixed small bug in combat tracker GUI.

  • Fixed small bug in combat tracker GUI.

  • Fixed small bug in combat tracker GUI.

  • Over Time trackers are now accurate for values greater than 1 minute.
  • Greatly reduced the load times for CombatTrackerGUI at character login.
  • Enabled key deringing while a chest is open as well as closed (as long as you're close to one...)
    • See the "DekeyAndPull v2.met" on the Documentation page. Chest pulls are down to about 12 seconds.
  • Improved accuracy of module load times at login for debugging.
  • Inventory Logger now id's items when trading/mule-ing.
  • Tools->Inventory->Search: If an item is in a side pack, selecting an item will now open that side pack for you as well as select that item.

Added Auto Ring Dekeyer

You can now use VCS to direct plugin output (By Virindi)

More click yes/no/ok fixes.

Click OK/Yes should work on more clients.
DoT HUD's now work

More Virindi Status HUD options and spacing testing.

/mt opt list
/mt opt get [option]
/mt opt set [option] [value]
/mt opt remember [option]
/mt opt restore [option]

Added HUD items to Virindi HUD
Performance improvements.
Added verbose debugging option (default to false)
Inventory (Consumables) and Profit/Loss trackers.
Another improvement to the player tracker.
Hopefully fixed lag issues in populated areas.
Inventory text search box is cleared on click.
I believe I fixed the login lag.
Added jumpz,x,c options.
Added an additional check to NoFocusFPSManager to limit it to sleeping for no more than 100ms, and not sleeping at all unless > 0 ms.
Added periodic command support (Tools->Character)
/mt commands no longer print out red error text at the top.
OnLogin and OnLoginComplete messages now send to all plugins.
/mt castp ,name on [target,closest]
/mt dumpspells (writes to c:\mt spelldump.txt)
added closestvendor to /mt use
Fixed an exception.
Removed the exception printing from /mt fellow recruit
Added Auto Click Yes on 100%.
Fixed aetheria/key ringer conflicts.
Added a Aura of the Craftman filter.
Moved Misc->Inventory to Tools-Inventory
Added Tools->Character OnLogin and OnLoginComplete command lists.
Added /mt useclosestportal
Improved keyringer.
Fixed aetheria revealer.
Fixed key ringer.
Improved keyring item info output.
Fixed /mt click ok/yes/no for multiple resolutions

/mt trade addp item
/mt trade accept
/mt trade decline
/mt trade reset
/mt trade end

/mt vendor addbuyp item count
/mt vendor addsellp item
/mt vendor buy
/mt vendor clearbuy
/mt vendor sell
/mt vendor clearsell

/mt drop

Renamed Misc->Tools to Misc-Inventory
Added an current character inventory searcher with regex support.
When using /mt use with on, it will only search inventory for a source item.
/mt usei, /mt useip
/mt usel, /mt uselp
Auto Shattered Key Fixer
Auto Heart Carver
Auto Key Ringer
Fixed cases like /mt usep mote on mote
/mt use on no longer requires /mt select first.
Combat tracker now tracks Gossamer Flesh.
Fixed a rare npc chat filter.
Fixed Aetheria Auto Revealer (I think)
/mt face degrees
Fixed /mt loot for chests that had a negative id.
/mt use closestnpc
/mt [s]jump[w] [ms]
/mt get xy
Added Auto Aetheria Revealer, default is on.
Fixed /mt click yes/no/ok for all screen resolutions.
Auto loot salvage default is now off.
Added /mt loot
Added /mt loot (partial match allowed)
Auto Buy/Sell now reloads the vendor profile every time you open the vendor.
Auto Buy/Sell now allows you to define trade notes as both keep/sell in the same profile.
Added /mt select
Added /mt selectp (partial match allowed)
Added /mt givep (partial match allowed)
Added /mt usep (partial match allowed)
Fixed /mt give
Fixed /mt use
Added /mt autopack
renamed /mt send click x y to /mt click x y
Added /mt send space
Added /mt fellow open
Added /mt fellow close
Added /mt fellow disband
Added /mt fellow quit
Added /mt fellow recruit [name]
Added /mt combatstate [magic,melee,missile,peace]
Added /mt send enter
Added /mt send pause
Added /mt send cntrl+[C]
Added /mt send f4
Added /mt send f12
Added /mt send msg
Added /mt click ok
Added /mt click yes
Added /mt click no
Added /mt send click [X] [Y]
Added /mt fellow create [name]
Added /mt use [item] [on [target]]
Added /mt give [item] to [target]
Added Log Out on Death.
Added /mt logoff and /mt logout (same function)
Changed startup procedures to work better when external dll's are missing.
Exceptions.txt now wipes itself after it becomes 1MB in size.
ChatLogExporter now creates the directory if it didn't previously exist.
Corpse tracker now works better while running VTank.
Corpse Tracker list is now clickable to select that corpse.
Player Tracker list is now clickable to select that player.
Persistent chat logger now only saves chat for channels you're actively logging.
Inventory Packer now has a blacklist checking.
Added: Corpse Tracker (Needs HUD and fellow/permit corpse tracking still)
Added: Player Tracker
Added: Chat Logger
Added: Consumables Tracker (Tab only, functionality not yet added)
Fixed BuffedCalcTinkedDamage to use the new code in the item info prointer.
Fixed BuffedCalcTinkedDamage to use +24 instead of +22.
Fixed loss of spells in inventory logger. (Delete all existing .inventory.xml files to refresh)
Combat tracker now reduces numbers to make the whole number visible.
VERY minor performance improvement.
Added essences to the requires Id group for inventory logging.
Fixed a minor bug in calcedbuffedtinkedDoT for unimubed melee weapons.
Second version of inventory logging.
Ratings now print in output strings.
Updated to reflect new values for castable spirit drinker/blood drinker/defender
first version of the inventory logger.
First version of NoFocusFPSManager implemented.
Added more set ids for cloaks
Auto-Pack: Using keep # 0 (main pack) now works so you can move items from side packs to main pack now.
Added magic d imbue to item info output.
Mag-Tools: Added dirty fighting filtering.
CombatTracker: Fixed System.IO.IOException: The operation completed successfully. and losing peristent stats.
Mag-Tools: Added loot salvage option, default of off.
Mag-Tools: Added maximize and minimize chat hotkeys to virindi hotkey system.
Mag-Tools: Added ability to export currently worn equipment.
Mag-Tools: Clipboard Exporter now sorts the exported data.
Added a button to output all inventory info to the windows clipboard. This is is the required method for inputting data into Mag-SuitBuilder.
Changed Ident Info buffed values for melee weapons to better show Damage Over Time.
Added a couple of heroic set ids.
Items in housing chests are no longer auto identified.
Added new skills and masteries
Salvalge now shows material in name and proper workmanship
Weapons now show material in name and include mastery info
Added support for Default.AutoPack.utl
Added maximize chat on login option
Added option to auto-loot all items on your own corpses
Added the option to show value and BU on item ident info.
Aetheria now count in the unretained items number shown at the bottom of the mana tracker form.
Ident info wasn't detecting Moderate Heremtic Link or Epic Defender properly in the calculated values.
Moved Chat Filter init to PluginInitComplete. Hopefully this fixes rare Decal.Interop.Core not found issues.
Looter now obeys keep # for stackable items.
Inventory packer and one touch healing no longer fire off if you hit the hot key while typing in the main chat bar, unless your hot key contains a Cntrl+ or Alt+ key qualifier.
Combat Tracker: Max Crit Damage was being reset by lower crit amounts.
Mana Trackers Unretained Items number now reports accurately with recent patch changes and ability to apply leather to quest items.
Added Status Text filtering.
Combat Tracker now supports sorting alphabetically.
Fixed: inventorypacker.dispose calls Stop() which will load vtclassic, fix that so it doesn't throw an exception.
Fixed: Enabling item info on ident child options now automatically sets the master enabled option.
Inventory packer now supports red loot requirements. (Requirements that require requesting id data)
Added one touch healing.
Added debug mode for auto buy/sell.
Changed looter black listing from id to name. This should prevent attempting to pick up every quest item that a timer may not be up.
Looter will no longer pick up items that surpass keep # amounts.
Ident items on left click now works as it should, only on left click.
Added mana stone usage filter.
Added Buffed* option for item info on ident. Shows calculated numbers for reference with Mag-Enhanced Virindi Tank Classic Looter.
Added corpse looting option.
Added blacklisting detection to auto looter (10 seconds fail to pickup item).
Added ident item on left click option.

Reviews for this release

Reviewed the sources and made a nice mod for coordinate movement commands in meta fellowships... Really nice work, mag_nus!
by sif_al_taak on Dec 8, 2016 at 2:10 PM Running the latest Decal, and VTank. My installation folders are as follows: AC:ToD- C:\Program Files (x86)\Asheron's Call - Throne of Destiny Decal- C:\Program Files (x86)\Decal 3.0 VTank- C:\Program Files (x86)\Decal 3.0\VirindiPlugins I'm running Win7 x64 SP1, fully patched. I have setup custom installation folders for AC, & Decal. How can I resolve this? I do not see magtools app. anywhere on Vtank. Please help? TIA Kempeck
by kempeck on Jan 20, 2015 at 9:15 PM